As a new advocate partner, Cindy Bahl with Dirkse and Amplify! has been a welcoming, fresh face at all of our weekly events.

Dirkse is a champion of diversity and inclusion and brings a new meaning to the phrase “ability starts here”. For over 22 years, her team has committed to making a difference in the lives of people who experience disability through unemployment and strive to connect and change the local business community mindset to one where everyone can succeed.

Dirkse services a great variety of communities, starting with high school through career placement, offering programs that break down the attitudinal barriers of (dis) ability. Twice a year, their outreach initiative called Amplify! Includes two annual events designed to empower and encourage employers to empower a stronger, more diverse, and more inclusive workforce. Cindy embodies the spirit of Dirkse so perfectly and has empowered BESThq and friends to challenge themselves to become more inclusive and accept everyone for exactly who they are.