Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is BESThq located?

Our office is at Building 58 on the Tektronix campus.

How do I get more information about the BESThq community?

Email us at or call us at (503) 626-1700. Currently due to COVID restrictions, visiting up on the Tektronix campus is by appointment only, but we hope this will change soon.

What are BESThq’s business hours?

Because of COVID restrictions, we are only available by appointment.

What does BESThq stand for?

Business Executive Sustainable Training (BEST) is an “approach” developed by Probity Builders which focuses on key elements critcal to the long-term, sustainable, success of small business.

  • A holistic approach to success, BEST recognizes the importance of “teaching one to fish” as opposed to “giving one a fish”. The ideas of empowerment and ownership create innovative owners and compelling leaders.
  • Strategic Planning for a roadmap to success including: Business Plan development, Mission, Vision, Goals, as well as business essentials (marketing, accounting, etc.)
  • Risk Management for understanding how to identify and minimize risks associated with business ownership.
  • Emphasis on core principles of Relationship, Empowerment, and Inclusion.

Why Beaverton?

Beaverton is Oregon’s most diverse city and home to an exploding population of small business owners. Offering small business support and a collaborative community on the westside just seemed the right thing to do.

If I would like to visit BESThq, when is the best time to visit?

Currently we are appointment only due to COVID restrictions. In light of that a great first-time experience is attending our Executive Briefing on the second or fourth Tuesday of the month from 7am-8:30am.  Or email us at or give us a call at (503) 626-1700 and we can schedule a time to show you around!

Does BESThq subscribe to the “one of each” philosophy?

NO!  We believe that all entrepreneurs have something to offer our community.  So no matter your industry, you are welcome!  Who knows?  You may be able to partner with or learn from someone like you who has “been there, done that.”

Do I have to be a member to experience the BESThq community?

No way! BESThq’s Executive Briefing, is open to the public and always FREE  – second and fourth Tuesday of the month. So join us and invite a friend!

I have a question not listed here.

Email us your question: