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Jill and Ron White

Ron and Jill White founded BESThq in 2011 after years of coaching and consulting small businesses. Realizing one of the greatest challenges for small business owners is that of feeling alone on their journey, Ron and Jill created a space where entrepreneurs cross paths, collaborate, learn and grow through community. 

Built on principles of relationship, empowerment, and inclusion, and guided by Jesuit tradition and Ignatian Spirituality, Beaverton’s Business Executive Sustainable Training Headquarters, BESThq, exists to support the sustainable growth of the businesses that make up our community and to empower individuals to realize their business goals, all this while mindfully considering the quadruple bottom line of People, Profit, Planet and Purpose.

Our Mission

BESThq provides a purposeful business community with focus on servant leadership  and support of small and historically underutilized entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves in being a humanistic organization that recognizes the importance of inspiration, intelligence and idea enterprise. In collaboration with agencies, large and small businesses, we strive to build strong relationships, empower entrepreneurs, and create an inclusive community while managing risk and strategically growing sustainable business.

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Our Vision

With a focus on relationship, empowerment and inclusion, BESThq shall be recognized as a regional business community leader of Quadruple bottom-line enterprise development: people, planet, profit, purpose.  We shall sustainably grow firms through strategic planning, risk management and profitability while being recognized as a model for Oregon Benefit Companies.

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Our Creed

As people for others, BESThq community (members, partners, sponsors and supporters) aspire to embody the Quadruple Bottom-Line (People, Planet, Profit, Purpose) though action as servant leaders.

In doing well in whatever we do, BESThq community seeks purposeful work for greater good and civic benefit while demonstrating love of humanity.

Not alone on our journey, BESThq community communicates positive and encouraging work without tolerance of discrimination while dissolving divisive barriers, bettering underserved communities and sup- porting social justice.

Grounded in a high moral and ethical foundation, BESThq community intersects mind, body, and spirit for the whole person and firm development.

Be it that BESThq community all follow this path for greater achievement and as they reap the benefits of community, they put forth a message of hope and love rooted in BESThq principles of relationship, empowerment, and inclusion.

Oregon Benefit Company 

As an Oregon Benefit Company committed to social and environmental responsibility, BESThq purposefully leads our community in change for a better future. Through our services, statements and actions, we work toward modeling the “Quadruple Bottom Line” (QBL) while empowering the four Ps: People, Planet, Profit, and Purpose.

Our most current Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report (PDF) documents some of the action in our services and programs. You are invited to join us and make a difference together.

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Check out stories of BESThq members experiencing growth through community.

BESThq Advisory Board

Jame Autry with Serving Our Neighbors

James Autry

Serving Our Neighbors

Jackie Butts with Portland Housing Center

Jackie Butts

Portland Housing Center

Carlos Cortes with Casa Lola

Carlos Cortes

Casa Lola

Joe Calderon with Sterling Pacific

Joe Calderon

Sterling Pacific

Mike Day with DAY CPM

Mike Day


Jon Deveaux with Metro

Jon Deveaux


Todd Kimball with House of Anders Real Estate

Todd Kimball

House of Anders Real Estate

Marc Caplan with Pamplin Media

Marc Caplan

Pamplin Media

Marc Patrick with Nike

Marc Patrick


Rebekah Kilgore with Hoffman Construction Company

Rebekah Kilgore

Hoffman Construction Company

Denise Stewart with Unitus Community Credit Union

Denise Stewart

Unitus Community Credit Union

Eric Ufer with Pest Solutions

Eric Ufer

Pest Solutions

Michael Bergmann with IncubatorU

Michael Bergmann


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