Over the course of his career, Derek has seen many companies go under, all due to a lack of communication.

After many years working for Fred Meyer helping to organize the ranks and establish a company culture that was inclusive and productive, Derek Pangelinan decided to take his skills on the road and start his own company, now called Derek Rey Consulting where he repairs and prevents toxic workplaces with workshops, coaching and consulting.

As a dear friend to everyone at BESThq, a welcoming face for all people who walk through the door, and one of the facilitators at BESThq’s Executive Briefings, Derek’s personality and professionalism can bring a smile to anyone’s face, regardless of whether they’ve had a bad morning.

Recently becoming chair of the board for the Beaverton Downtown Association, Derek has committed to becoming more purposeful in strengthening the economic vitality and historic preservation and small business engagement into Beaverton. He knows that Beaverton is growing and one of its’ essential features is the opportunity for relationship, empowerment, and inclusion. His sustainable impact on the City of Beaverton will make for fantastic stories, an amazing place to raise families, and growth of businesses for the better.