11th Annual Business Expo West

Business Expo West:

Online Attendance


Checking in

Before the expo starts, we welcome people to log in using the Zoom link emailed to them, and meet others who are joining through Zoom. Sponsors will have break-out rooms for you to talk with them, as well as others in the room interested in their products.

Visiting with Sponsors

Sponsors will have different presences at the expo. Some will have a physical table at the event as well as meeting with people in Zoom Breakout Rooms. Others will only have Zoom breakout rooms. And then there will be sponsors who will only have a physical table, but will not be actively using a Zoom breakout room. Within the handbook, we will attempt to label the status of each sponsor, but please understand that due to the logistics of a hybrid event, there might be last minute changes.


We are still creating the Business Expo West 2022 handbook, complete with the bios of featured speakers, schedule of events, vendors in attendance, vendors attending online, and sponsors of events. We will post a link to the handbook once it is complete.

What to Bring / Preparations

Zoom Software

You will want to download the latest version of Zoom so that you have all the tools needed for your online experience. Without the most current version of the software, it is possible that you won’t be able to enter into breakout rooms or message others.

Camera and Microphone

We encourage people to be on camera since it is easier to interact with a face instead of just a voice or a message box. So you will want to make sure you have a functioning camera and microphone, and test them prior to the start of the expo. That being said, while the Masters of Ceremony and Featured Guests are speaking, we ask people to mute their microphones.

Share Who You Are

The Business Expo West is an excellent time to share who you are, what your business does, and who you would like to connect with. The message/chat box is one place for you to share this information. We encourage you to write out a concise sentence or two stating who you are, who your ideal client is, and your contact information. Then, during the expo, you can copy-and-paste the information into the message box during the main event as well as within Breakout Rooms.

Note Taking

Depending on what is the easiest way for you to take notes, you may want to have paper and pencil close by. This way you can write down thought provoking statements from the featured speakers, questions you might have for sponsors or others you meet, as well as their contact information. Of course, since you are viewing the expo from a computer, taking notes with a text or word processor is also an option. However, sometimes having multiple windows open at the same time adds to the complexity, so old school note taking sometimes simplifies things.