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Non-Profits and Faith-Based Organizations

  • Does your non-profit or faith-based organization value networking with government agencies involved in business engagement, worker development, and policy decisions?
  • Are you in a non-profit or faith-based group that depends on business-to-business support services like graphic designers and payroll?
  • Are you looking to network with interested clients from business support services, government, construction, and other non-profits / faith-based organizations?

Join Us at Business Expo West

» Thursday, April 11, 2024, @ Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon «

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A wide variety of organizations from across the region attend Business Expo West, making it one of the best business trade shows in Oregon. Many non-profits and faith-based organizations join us because they are often the heart and glue that binds together communities and small businesses. The diverse attendance at Business Expo West promotes opportunities to build a network that is inclusive and equitable.

Business-to-Business Support

Most non-profits and faith-based groups aren’t large enough to perform office services in-house such as graphic design, printing, payroll, and media. These business to business (B2B) support companies can take over your office tasks and responsibilities so you can maximize your efforts on the projects your organization was established to do.

Some of these B2B companies are run by women and minorities, so they appreciate the support of groups striving to advance equity and diversity.

Additionally, larger community projects often involve for-profits and non-profits coming together, since their unique skills, resources, and perspectives can result in a final outcome that is better for everyone.

Construction & Engineering

Numerous construction, engineering, and building experts join us at Business Expo West. Construction, engineering, and development companies have many minorities and women entering their workforce, and appreciate non-profits and faith-based organizations who advocate and support their career aspirations.

Government: Business Engagement

Many government agencies often are similar to those of the non-profits in our community: help people in our community by meeting some of their primary and secondary needs. Additionally many small business and worker advocates join us at the expo, making this event a great opportunity for policy discussions.

Networking Opportunities

Business Expo West fosters quality networking time in addition to traditional sponsor-hosted tables, allowing you and your agency numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals as well as network with potential clients and providers.

Some of the Non-Profit and Faith-Based Groups That Attend Business Expo West

Equity & Diversity

  • Minority Business Network & Support
  • Women Business Network & Support


  • Networking
  • Community Support Services
  • Radio & Media

Small Business Support

  • Advocates
  • Development

Network with us at Business Expo West!

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