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Government: Business Engagement, Policy & Procurement

  • Are you in a government agency that works with private-sector businesses, through workforce development and/or procurement? (Government to Business; G2B)
  • Does your area of the government create policies that affect private businesses?
  • Are you looking to network with interested clients from business support services, government, construction, non-profits, and faith-based organizations?

Join Us at Business Expo West

» Thursday, April 11, 2024, @ Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon «

Diverse Business Team Working in Office

A wide variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations from across the region attend Business Expo West, making it one of the best business trade shows in Oregon. We value Oregon’s local and state government’s business development efforts. The diverse attendance at Business Expo West promotes opportunities to build a network that is inclusive and equitable.

Business-to-Business Support

While government agencies may not need to outsource B2B support services such as human resources and payroll, there are still numerous opportunities for networking with these B2B companies. Sometimes certain government projects benefit from bringing in private sector talent, such as business coaches, video production companies, promotional products, and advertising agencies.

Additionally, B2B companies often are small businesses and entrepreneurs and really appreciate networking and support from government-to-business (G2B) agencies as they work to establish their products and services within the larger economic ecosystem. They often appreciate help in the areas of workforce development, contracts, grants, training, business development, and mentoring.

Construction & Engineering

Numerous construction, engineering, and building experts join us at Business Expo West. This industry frequently collaborates with government agencies on infrastructure other building projects within our region, especially community development and improvement proposals. Networking during the trade show helps pave the way for upcoming bidding and proposal opportunities, land use policies, and workforce development.

Non-Profit & Faith-Based

Non-profit and faith-based groups also attend Business Expo West with the goal of meeting other like-minded individuals in the community. Their goals often are similar to those of the some government agencies: help people in our community by meeting some of their primary and secondary needs, assist people with vocational training, and help entrepreneurs successfully start a thriving new business. Additionally many small business advocates join us at the expo, making this event a great opportunity for policy discussions.

Networking Opportunities

Business Expo West fosters quality networking time in addition to traditional sponsor-hosted tables, allowing you and your agency numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals as well as network with potential clients and providers.

Some Areas of Government That Attend Business Expo West

Workforce Development

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprises
  • Economic Infrastructure
  • Equal Employment Opportunities
  • Inclusion of Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, and Veteran-Owned Businesses
  • Inclusion of Emerging Small Businesses
  • Physical, Mental, Social Health
  • Services for Children, Families, Older Adult, and People with Disabilities

Public Agencies

  • Transportation
  • City & Urban Planning
  • Park Planning and Development
  • Port Authority

Local Government

  • City Officials
  • County Officials

Network with us at Business Expo West!

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