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Construction, Engineering, and Development

  • Do you bid on commercial development projects or government building projects?
  • Do you offer specialized services to the construction industry?
  • Are you looking to network with interested clients from government, private sector, non-profits, and faith-based organizations?

Join Us at Business Expo West

» Thursday, April 11, 2024, @ Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon «

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A wide variety of organizations from across the region attend Business Expo West, making it one of the best business trade shows in Oregon.

Government: Business Engagement and Procurement

City, county, and state government officials involved with workforce development, procurement and contracting, and public policy, as well as departments that foster diversity and equity within government contracts attend Business Expo West, making it an excellent venue to network with these professionals to build relationships and learn about coming bidding and proposal opportunities..

Business-to-Business Support

Most construction and engineering firms depend on other companies to fulfill many of their office needs such as merchant services, graphic design, human resources, and promotional products. These business to business (B2B) support services can take over the office tasks and responsibilities so you can maximize your efforts on the projects you were hired for.

Non-Profit & Faith-Based

Finally, we have many non-profit and faith-based groups that attend Business Expo West, since their needs for construction assistance is similar to for-profit businesses. And since many of these non-profit and faith-based groups exist to help people in our community, they often appreciate working with local small businesses who have similar goals.

Networking Opportunities

We foster quality networking time in addition to traditional sponsor-hosted tables, allowing you and your business numerous opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals as well as network with potential clients and providers.

Some from the Building Industry Who Attend Business Expo West

Project Management

  • Construction Management
  • General Contractors
  • Operations Management
  • Project Coordination

Building Services

  • 3D Mapping / Modelling
  • Architects
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Civil Engineering
  • Survey and Mapping

Construction Support

  • Bidding Information and Documentation
  • Construction Networks

Network with us at Business Expo West

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