Day CPM – BESThq Featured Tenant


DAY CPM promotes collaboration, innovation, flexibility and relationship building with our clients and we have that plus more in our new home at BESThq.

Coming from the second floor of a traditional corporate office environment, the only interaction with other tenants was either in the elevator, on the way to the rest room or when we happened upon each other in the hallway. Then Mike Day met Ron White. Ron shared the purpose and vision of BESThq with Mike and we started packing up the files and desks!

“The most effective spaces bring people together and remove barriers while also providing sufficient space that people don’t fear being overheard. In addition, they reinforce permission to convene and speak freely.”
— “Who Moved My Cube”, Harvard Business Review

Not only does BESThq house effective professional spaces, but we have fresh roasted coffee prepared daily, weekly executive briefings, networking sessions, special events focusing on promoting businesses, and a lot of great people from all walks of life. Not only do we enjoy the social aspects of being part of a business community but we get to “give back” by participating in planned and “spur of the moment” events.

I remember one specific event that happened when I was unhappy with a marketing consultant and began the process of looking for someone new to work with. Diego Diaz, a BESThq tenant, overheard me voicing my concerns and came right in and offered his services. His background of spending 7 years in the marketing department at Hoffman Construction and his amazing ability in photography has served us well. I was very happy that he “overheard” my conversations and thank you BESThq for providing the solution.

LouAnn McCormic
Office Manager, DAY CPM