Recap: STEAM Pathways DRONES & PIZZA NIGHT: Zoom Recording [Video]

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STEAM: Drones and Pizza Night

Thank you to everyone who joined us for BESThq’s STEAM Pathways DRONES & PIZZA NIGHT last night! Everyone had a lot of fun having foot races with Ron’s and Luis’ drones across the parking lot, devouring amazing pizza from Bethany Public House ( ), along with a quick overview from Luis about how drones work and how to pilot them. We watched as the drone tracked a student walking through the parking lot and how the drone could estimate how far it was from a car using sonar.

(Some students even had fun seeing how the cameras used for the Zoom broadcast captured their images.)

This is a Zoom recording of this hybrid event. Since we were too far from our internet connection, we resorted to using smartphones to record the event. Therefore the quality of the video and audio is less than optimal.

This event is part of the BESThq STEAM Pathways program which aids in the introduction of next generation individuals to the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEAM) industry.

BESThq community’s STEAM professionals and friends join participants for fun and learning while building minds, relationships and opportunity. No background in STEAM is needed. This program creates a collaborative setting with a small group of students from different backgrounds to increase creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills, and to introduce the concept of computer science and other STEAM professions as a possible career.

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