Quadruple Bottom Line #QBL

Quadruple Bottom Line Graphic

BESThq works to elevate community and bring the quadruple bottom line of People, Profit, Planet, and Purpose to the forefront of the mission of the businesses, non-profits, and public agencies that are represented within BESThq. Our members and partners are committed to the growth through community model that we have fostered since our conception.

If you have the desire to drive your business toward the proven growth that BESThq community experiences, stop by our free Executive Briefings chock full of insightful speakers, important current events, and impactful community members who will help you connect and grow (second and fourth Tuesday at 7:30am)!

As an Oregon Benefit Company, BESThq LLC works hard to promote social and environmental responsibility through a multitude of events and purposeful actions but the root of this designation draws back to the Quadruple Bottom Line. Below, you will find many examples of BESThq’s actions to better the surrounding community through elevating people, profit, planet, and purpose.


In the founding principles of BESThq, we have relationship, empowerment, and inclusion. Not the typical words you would hear from a profit driven enterprise and we work to ensure that our non-business-oriented community is supported while we grow. In acts of bridging cultures such as our annual “We Welcome Entrepreneurs” event where we provide a platform for community to come in to our space and learn about culture, resources and network with one of the most diverse populations in the state of Oregon. Other instances of our support of people are our efforts to support the people in our community who face hardship. Last year we supported 5 different organizations to collect food, warm winter clothes, toys, and blood. When our community sees need, they provide. We doubled contributions last year compared to others and we are so fortunate to have been able to pool our resources together to create sustainable change in Oregon.


The founder of the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs begins each meeting with the phrase that perfectly explains the Profit pillar of the Quadruple Bottom Line, “If you’re in Business and you’re not making money, you’re going out of business”. There is no way to financially support family, a business, or the surrounding community without revenue. With finances, a person can go out into the world and make long-term sustainable change.


As we more widely recognize the need for sustainable change to protect nature and the environment, it is essential to consider the lasting impact that a business is making on the environment and do the most possible to alleviate their carbon impact and use more sustainable products. For starters, at BESThq we provide guests and community ceramic mugs from partners and sponsors for their coffee. During company lunches, we use metal forks. We do not provide water cups and expect guests to bring their own water bottles. By making small-scale sustainable impacts, we can reduce costs while reducing the number of single use plastics entering trash facilities in the future.


Purpose is the foundational pillar of BESThq and it is our mission to ensure that every company has a reason they’re in business and goals to reach that aren’t purely financial. This ensures an ethical and moral compass is the driving force of a company and in conjunction with a profit goal, a company is set on its way to make long term-sustainable change that impacts not just their immediate vicinity, but their entire city, state, or world.

Going forward, BESThq plans to make long term, sustainable change throughout not only our local community, but we hope to expand and connect globally. Through our purposeful actions in the four pieces that make up the quadruple bottom line, we hope to grow our network of purposeful citizens of change who are empowered to go out and make a difference!