Ron White

Derek Rey Consulting

Over the course of his career, Derek has seen many companies go under, all due to a lack of communication. After many years working for Fred Meyer helping to organize the ranks and establish a company culture that was inclusive and productive, Derek Pangelinan decided to take his skills on the road and start his own company, now called Derek Rey Consulting where he repairs and prevents toxic workplaces with workshops, coaching and consulting.


As a dear friend to everyone at BESThq, a welcoming face for all people who walk through the door, and one of the facilitators at BESThq’s Executive Briefings, Derek’s personality and professionalism can bring a smile to anyone’s face, regardless of whether they’ve had a bad morning.

Recently becoming chair of the board for the Beaverton Downtown Association, Derek has committed to becoming more purposeful in strengthening the economic vitality and historic preservation and small business engagement into Beaverton. He knows that Beaverton is growing and one of its’ essential features is the opportunity for relationship, empowerment, and inclusion. His sustainable impact on the City of Beaverton will make for fantastic stories, an amazing place to raise families, and growth of businesses for the better.

Visit with Derek and all our facilitators at our weekly Executive Briefings every Tuesday at 7:30am and check out his Tips of the Week in Executive Briefing Newsletters –


Ron White

SCORE Oregon

Welcome to SCORE, one of our new tenants at BESThq. SCORE is a nonprofit resource partner with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and provides free business advice and workshops to all members of the community in all stages of their businesses.


With over 300 chapters across the US, Oregon SCORE mentors work to create almost 1000 small businesses, 1,200 non-owner jobs, and increase the revenue of 65% of businesses they worked with in 2017. With a wide diversity of businesses they help, from Women owned, to minority owned and veteran, SCORE provides invaluable resources to small business owners such as creating a business plan, financial insights, resource planning, and networking help. They have many events all over the state every month SCORE volunteers are rewarded with the success of the Businesses they help.


Learn more at

Ron White


Alex Biedul and John Haslem of Iscential have been wonderful community members since they joined in July 2018. Because they’ve participated in almost every event and gone to as many Executive Briefings as they can, Alex and John have become very trusted among the community and have started providing insurance to many of BESThq’s community members. They have fully embodied the Quadruple bottom line with their focus on developing the whole person and providing them with the best insurance they can.

“Our Purpose is to provide the economic means to preserve and expand your lifestyle.

Our Vision is to see a world where all of your claims are covered, your income is protected and you have the ability to retire financially independent, leading the Life Of Your Dreams.”

Ron White

Dirkse Counseling and Consulting

As a new advocate partner, Cindy Bahl with Dirkse and Amplify! has been a welcoming, fresh face at all of our weekly executive briefings. Dirkse is a champion of diversity and inclusion and brings a new meaning to the phrase “ability starts here”. For over 22 years, her team has committed to making a difference in the lives of people who experience disability through unemployment and strive to connect and change the local business community mindset to one where everyone can succeed.

Dirkse services a great variety of communities, starting with high school through career placement, offering programs that break down the attitudinal barriers of (dis) ability. Twice a year, their outreach initiative called Amplify! Includes two annual events designed to empower and encourage employers to empower a stronger, more diverse, and more inclusive workforce. Cindy embodies the spirit of Dirkse so perfectly and has empowered BESThq and friends to challenge themselves to become more inclusive and accept everyone for exactly who they are.

Ron White

The Printory

The Printory, founded in 2007 by Hussein Al-Baiaty, provides high quality printing and embroidery to businesses and non-profits while partnering and supporting many local refugee organizations. Arriving in the United States in 1994 from Saudi Arabia, his parents and six siblings left the regime of Saddam in 1991 for a desert refugee camp in Saudi Arabia, where they lived for 3 and a half years.


After graduating from PSU and doing meaningful global development work, Al-Baiaty was motivated by his experiences and founded The Printory. In late 2018, he released a merch company, which donates a high percentage of proceeds to non-profits supporting refugees who have made Portland their home.


“The United States has allowed my family to live in peace and prosper”

Hussein Al-Baiaty

Ron White

Pamplin Media/The Business Tribune

The Business Tribune has supported the BESThq community significantly over the past 7 years. With an abundance of relevant information and news, the Business Tribune of Pamplin Media works to connect and grow firms, large and small. Their calendar is always filled with valuable opportunities for business leaders to connect, learn and grow from their surrounding communities.


As a platinum sponsor for Business Expo West, as well as a long-standing partnership and therefore, BESThq has many exciting projects lined up with the Business Tribune in the coming months.  Look out for a BESThq Community Spotlight magazine in March, featuring community members, partners, and sponsors.

Check out “On the Mic”, a podcast featuring BESThq sponsors and Partners with the Business tribune on January 31st.

Ron White


We are proud to announce that our long-time partner and friend BBSI will be a sponsor of Business Expo West 2019! For many years, BBSI has been a champion supporter of the BESThq community, allowing us to host many events, classes, and establish programs to empower members and partners to make a difference.

BBSI improves the probability of success for small businesses such as a BESThq tenant, Color Map Painting! BBSI provides exceptional business management solutions, from human resources to management consulting, to payroll processing. Founded in the 1950s, BBSI helps businesses of all sizes improve the efficiency of their operations by helping owners shape their business structures and foster growth through purposeful and personal connections with employees and clients.



In4All, BESThq tenant and community partner, takes very seriously their newly redefined mission and vision which underscores their “commitment to education, equity, and opportunity for all students in Oregon.” (

A local non-profit, In4All partners with businesses and individuals in the community to address and actively affect the lives of the thousands of Oregon’s marginalized students who will not complete high school on time or who are on the path to not finishing at all. From internships for high school aged students to hands-on learning opportunities through the STEM Connect program for elementary and middle school students, In4All strives to provide experiences for Oregon students that empower their futures. BESThq is proud to be a partner organization supporting the work of In4All through the STEM Connect program.

The In4All STEM Connect program partners with 23 schools, across 8 districts, and will touch the lives of almost 3,500 students. Twenty local businesses and corporations partner with In4All to bring hands-on math and science activities designed to ignite possibilities for area 4th and 5th graders who, to this point, have not made the connection between STEM and their futures. For more information on the STEM Connect program, contact Darrin Marks.

Learn more about In4All.


Day CPM – BESThq Featured Tenant


DAY CPM promotes collaboration, innovation, flexibility and relationship building with our clients and we have that plus more in our new home at BESThq.

Coming from the second floor of a traditional corporate office environment, the only interaction with other tenants was either in the elevator, on the way to the rest room or when we happened upon each other in the hallway. Then Mike Day met Ron White. Ron shared the purpose and vision of BESThq with Mike and we started packing up the files and desks!

“The most effective spaces bring people together and remove barriers while also providing sufficient space that people don’t fear being overheard. In addition, they reinforce permission to convene and speak freely.”
— “Who Moved My Cube”, Harvard Business Review

Not only does BESThq house effective professional spaces, but we have fresh roasted coffee prepared daily, weekly executive briefings, networking sessions, special events focusing on promoting businesses, and a lot of great people from all walks of life. Not only do we enjoy the social aspects of being part of a business community but we get to “give back” by participating in planned and “spur of the moment” events.

I remember one specific event that happened when I was unhappy with a marketing consultant and began the process of looking for someone new to work with. Diego Diaz, a BESThq tenant, overheard me voicing my concerns and came right in and offered his services. His background of spending 7 years in the marketing department at Hoffman Construction and his amazing ability in photography has served us well. I was very happy that he “overheard” my conversations and thank you BESThq for providing the solution.

LouAnn McCormic
Office Manager, DAY CPM