BESThq Creed

Quadruple BL: People, Planet, Profit, PurposeAs people for others, BESThq community (members, partners, sponsors and supporters) aspire to embody the Quadruple Bottom-Line (People, Planet, Profit, Purpose) though action as servant leaders.

In doing well in whatever we do, BESThq community seeks purposeful work for greater good and civic benefit while demonstrating love of humanity.

Not alone on our journey, BESThq community communicates positive and encouraging work without tolerance of discrimination while dissolving divisive barriers, bettering underserved communities and sup- porting social justice.

Grounded in a high moral and ethical foundation, BESThq community intersects mind, body, and spirit for the whole person and firm development.

Be it that BESThq community all follow this path for greater achievement and as they reap the benefits of community, they put forth a message of hope and love rooted in BESThq principles of relationship, empowerment, and inclusion.