Business Education Compact (BEC)

Business Education Compact (BEC)BUSINESS EDUCATION COMPACT (BEC), BESThq tenant and community partner, takes very seriously their newly redefined mission and vision which underscores their “commitment to education, equity, and opportunity for all students in Oregon.” (

A local non-profit, BEC partners with businesses and individuals in the community to address and actively affect the lives of the thousands of Oregon’s marginalized students who will not complete high school on time or who are on the path to not finishing at all. From internships for high school aged students to hands-on learning opportunities through the STEM Connect program for elementary and middle school students, BEC strives to provide experiences for Oregon students that empower their futures. BESThq is proud to be a partner organization supporting the work of BEC through the STEM Connect program.

The BEC STEM Connect program kicks off this month in 23 schools, across 8 districts, and will touch the lives of almost 3,500 students. Twenty local businesses and corporations partner with BEC to bring hands-on math and science activities designed to ignite possibilities for area 4th and 5th graders who, to this point, have not made the connection between STEM and their futures. For more information on the STEM Connect program, contact Darrin Marks.

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