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Why Join?

So you’re not alone on your journey.

BESThq is a powerful community made up of folks like you who strive to, not only succeed in business, but to make a difference along the way. Be a part of our diverse crowd (who will quickly feel like family) and enjoy the benefits of growth through community!

Join BESThqOffice space? We’ve got that!

Business development and training? We’ve got that, too!

Open workspace? Supportive community?  Networking? Mentoring? Free coffee?  Fun and powerful community events? Free parking? Easy TriMet access?

Yes, yes, yes! All this and more so you never feel alone on your journey to success.

Oh, and we’re also ADA Accessible!

Member Referral Program

At BESThq we greatly value our sense of community and absolutely exist from referrals.  As a small token of our appreciation for your referrals, we offer a $50 credit toward fees or gift card for all referrals.  Simply request your new member or partner to list you a referral and you got it!  Build up some credits and pay for your annual Community Membership or “pay it forward” and offer to a friend.

Executive Membership & Benefit Partner

Special mutually beneficial opportunity to engage, benefit and grow with BESThq. Executive Membership and Benefit Partners allow like-minded folks to get together to make things happen. Love the vision of BESThq and want to support? Multi-level opportunity to show the BESThq community your company’s support. Qualified, tax-deductible business expense. Check out our Partnership Program.