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Our History
BESThq opened its doors in July of 2011, after months of creative collaboration and thoughtful planning by the innovative minds at Probity Builders, as a DBA division. Having coached and consulted small businesses in Oregon for nearly a decade, Ron White of Probity Builders recognized a fundamental need of business owners (to be connected, not alone) and the power of growth through community.  Guided by the spirit of the Jesuit Tradition and Ignatian Spirituality, Ron was inspired to create a space where like-minded friends could gather to collaborate, network, learn, and sustainably grow their companies in the midst of a vibrant, supportive community.  Thus, the birth of BESThq, Beaverton’s Collaborative Business Community and Executive Development Center. On January 2, 2014, BESThq LLC officially formed as a separate going concern and Oregon Benefit Company.  BESThq LLC remains committed to social and environmental benefit while enjoying the opportunity to lead community in change for a better future. BESThq LLC currently maintains Green America Certification while working earlier in the year through their standards in accordance with Oregon Benefit Company requirements. View a copy of our past reports:
Our Principles
Green America Green Business Certification
Relationship – Because no one should feel alone on their journey to success, BESThq provides an inviting, collaborative environment in which small business entrepreneurs can network, explore and create opportunities for themselves and each other, and learn from others’ experiences. Empowerment – Because most people don’t know what they don’t know, BESThq provides cutting edge, relevant training, one-on-one coaching/consulting, and the experience that comes from learning from others. The BESThq community thrives on a holistic approach to success, building the business owner as an individual capable and deserving of personal as well as entrepreneurial success. Inclusion – Because recognizing diversity does not suffice, BESThq actively invests in businesses from historically underutilized communities. The “all are welcome” attitude of BESThq has been an integral part in building a vibrant, inspiring community of entrepreneurs.
Our Mission
BESThq provides a sustainable business community servicing and supporting small and historically underutilized entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves in being a humanistic organization that recognizes the importance of inspiration, intelligence and idea enterprise. In collaboration with agencies, large and small businesses, we strive to build strong relationships, empower entrepreneurs, and create an inclusive community while managing risk and strategically growing sustainable business. BESThq Vision Graphic
Our Vision
With a focus on relationship, empowerment and inclusion, we shall sustainably grow small businesses through strategic planning, risk management and profitability while being recognized as a model for Oregon Benefit Companies.
Our Community

BESThq is growing into an amazing, vibrant community of like-minded business owners and supporters.  The BESThq community prides itself on activating, facilitating, and honoring new relationships, empowering growth through cutting-edge training, and respecting the differences each brings to the table.

Walk into BESThq and you will be amazed at what you see!  Whether it’s a team with their heads together, an individual meeting with a client, or a couple of entrepreneurs collaborating at the water cooler, the culture of BESThq conveys the attitude of  “we’re all in this together.” The BESThq community is full of business owners from all walks of life, a variety of industries, and levels of experience. Though each small business is unique, each shares a vision of sustainable growth and the success of their business. Tenants, members, and partners, alike, all benefit from the opportunity to share in each others’ successes, big and small. That’s what makes BESThq so unique. That’s why you need to be here.

BESThq offers something for everyone. From spacious executive suites and business cubes to professional board rooms, we’ve got your business space needs covered. Looking for a place to just pop in and check your email? Or receive important business training? Or bounce an idea off another entrepreneur? We’ve got that too! BESThq serves as not only a practical office building, but as a hub for collaboration and services needed to grow local small businesses into successful, sustainable, and profitable businesses. No matter what industry your business comes from, no matter how big or small, BESThq exists to provide your business with the keys to success. Incredible advancements in business can be made when people work together, network, and collaborate. Your business can be a part of this innovative collaboration! BESThq’s focus on network and relationship building creates a true sense of community through the BEST program, described below. Join now or request more information to move your business to the next level with BESThq!

What is BEST (Business Executive Sustainable Training)?

BEST is an “approach” focused on key elements critical to the long-term success of small business. Trademarked and developed by Probity Builders, the BEST program is implemented by Probity Builders and provided as a part of BESThq membership.

Specializing in small business, sustainability, construction and diversity issues, Probity Builders provides professional consulting and mentoring services to businesses, agents, developers and owners of all sizes. For more about Probity, visit www.ProbityBuilders.com. In July, 2011, Probity Builders started BESThq as a DBA, division and in January, 2014, BESThq LLC separated as an Oregon Benefit Company. Probity Builders Logo